Art Opening: Impressions of the West by John Springer

Art Opening: Impressions of the West by John Springer

Wed, June 21, 2017

7:00 pm (event ends at 10:00 pm)


Art Opening: Impressions of the West by John Springer
Art Opening: Impressions of the West by John Springer
Impressions of the West

Artist Statement

I love stories, both hearing them and telling them. By painting I attempt to tell stories. My paintbrush is my pen and my canvas is the page on which I write.

As an artist it is my task to make nothing into something. The something I tend to create is a memory in the form of a view. A landscape, an avenue in a city, a sight. With paint, water, and a canvas I take this white nothingness and turn it into a window looking out at the world in the way that I dream to see it. With each stroke I lay down the more detailed the story becomes. If my strokes represent the essentials of grammar, then my colors are the adjectives. With color I can turn a sentence into a metaphor. A word into a thought. The beauty is in the detail. A window pane, a house, a boulder, a mountain, everything matters. Everything tells a story and anything that tells a story is alive. When I finish a painting I want to crawl through the canvas window and explore. Maybe if I traveled deep enough I could come out of another window that I created of a view somewhere else.

I paint to live and to grow. It's brings me close to something I can't see but something great I can feel. I can create something that gives people joy and that is why I am an artist.

Artist Bio

John Springer is a 27 year old artist, outdoor educator, and barista. Born in Columbus, GA he moved to Charlotte, NC at the age of 8 and remained there until he left for college at Sewanee: The University of the South. Since his graduation in 2012 he has spent most of his time living in the western U.S. in various places.

His interest in art developed during high school where he took four years of International Baccalaureate Art. Through these years painting in acrylic became his focus. In college he studied geology and biology while taking a few art classes along the way.

In his professional life John has pursued the field of Outdoor Education by working for NOLS as a field Instructor teaching backpacking and skiing. His development as an artist has evolved since he graduated in college from recreational to full time work. Currently John works as a full-time commissioned artist and as a NOLS instructor intermittently.

Travel and adventure describe his life and this is manifested in his paintings. Spending most of his time in Jackson Hole, Wyoming he has bounced around from Hawaii to Washington State, from Idaho to Asheville, NC. Currently he lives and travels between Wyoming and North Carolina. He has had several art shows in Jackson, WY and spends as much time as he can painting outside.

Website –
Instagram @springertheartist
Venue Information:
Pink Garter Theatre
50 West Broadway
Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 83001