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Head to Head - Early Show - All Ages

Fri, July 7, 2017

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

This event is all ages

Head to Head - Early Show - All Ages
Head to Head - Early Show - All Ages
Head to Head consists of two drummers who bring an exciting, new flair to the world of electronic music. They are a distinct mix of Hip-Hop, EDM, Funk and Ambient. Having two percussionist with diverse backgrounds bring a large amount of creativity to the table. Head to Head are driven to not only produce music we are passionate about but to also create a high energy interactive live show! Head to Head was formed by Otto Wieters and Dan Sanford. They came together with a common goal of creating inspirational music filled with different and unique qualities with the hopes to impact others in a positive way.

Dan Sanford (20 Years of Age): Dan has been an up and coming multi-instrumentalist producer, percussionist and vocalist. He started playing music on guitar at 9 years old and has played bass, guitar, piano but has focused mostly on drums. Using his musicianship skills, he got into studio production and Dj'ing in high school. Now, Dan's goal is to create music that mixes the sounds of electronic with acoustic and mix in his vocals in an original way.

Otto Wieters: (19 years of age) Otto has also been a multi-instrumentalist for the past 8 years. He has focused most of his energy in to percussion but also plays piano, guitar, and saxophone. although he doesn't have a big background in production he is sure stepping on the learning curve quick. Having played with multiple groups such as Jazz, Funk, Indie, and Rockabilly Blues Roots bands he brings a different taste of music to the new group.

Together Dan and Otto are Head to Head
Venue Information:
Pink Garter Theatre
50 West Broadway
Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 83001