Panel Discussion: Evolution of the Pro Skier
Teton County Library

Panel Discussion: Evolution of the Pro Skier

Ages 21+
How do the narratives around what it means to be a skier evolve?

Who controls these narratives--the skier? the brands? the filmmakers? the fans? How do the stories and images shape skiing as a sport, expression, or platform for risk? This isn't a How-to-become-a-pro-skier tutorial, but a conversation about what happens when ideas and stories shift, what happens when people are turned into products, what’s the role of risk, and what's the true story behind the glam. Join pro skiers Lynsey Dyer, AJ Cargill, Sophia Schwartz, Sam Schwartz, and others. Moderated by Sam Pope of KGB Productions.

Venue Information:
Pink Garter Theatre
50 West Broadway
Jackson Hole, WY, 83001

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