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Teton Literacy Center

Jackson's Got Talent

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This event will be celebrating its six year and is excited to raise funds and awareness to support literacy efforts in our community.

Teton Literacy Center Was Founded in 1992.

We now offer three tiers of programming: Tutoring, Enrichment, and Family Literacy

Our Approach: We Focus on Family Literacy

We believe that a family literacy approach is the most effective way of achieving our vision of a 100% literate community.

TLC offers prevention, intervention, and enrichment services for families with children in Pre-K through 12th grade.

Our goal is to strengthen literacy skills for the family unit through tutoring, workshops, classes and home visits.

Our Mission: To Change Lives Through the Power of Literacy

We define literacy as proficiency in reading, writing, and critical thinking.

We believe that STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math) skills are essential, and we incorporate literacy skills into these content areas.

We enrich lives by acting as an effective literacy resource.

We believe in personalized, experiential, and project-based learning.

We value both the process of learning and the process of teaching so we see students as teachers and teachers/tutors as students.

We believe in creating community both internally and externally through teaching and learning together.

We value collaboration with community partners as a way to provide the highest level of services while maximizing our resources.

We believe that we can make the most impact by working with families and giving parents the tools they need to support their children’s literacy development.

We want to ignite a passion for reading, writing, and learning!​

Our Vision: A 100% Literate Community

A literate community is one in which members have the literacy skills necessary to not only function, but to thrive.

In a 100% literate community:

Every parent will have the knowledge, awareness, and skills to actively support their child(ren)’s education and literacy development.

Every child will graduate and have the knowledge, skills, problem solving ability, and lifelong learning attitudes to become contributing members of our society.

Every adult will have the knowledge, skills, awareness, and attitudes that enable them to envision, pursue, and achieve their goals.​

Are you ready to make a difference? We welcome volunteers and donations to help turn our vision into a reality.

Venue Information:
Pink Garter Theatre
50 West Broadway
Jackson Hole, WY, 83001

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