Within this building, we house Jackson’s only classically inspired craft cocktail lounge alongside a landmark theater turned live music venue. The Rose and Pink Garter Theater were built out of an excitement for creating the best experience possible – be it a perfectly crafted cocktail or an inspiring musical performance. We do this for the love of every element of what we do, from the beauty of a well-made drink, the impact of soulful hospitality, and the love of guiding a guest through an exceptional nightlife experience. We truly hope you enjoy your time here.

In the 1940’s, the Cowboy Bar on the town square had a neon sign that read “Floor Shows”. The term did not indicate a Las Vegas type review, it denoted that there was live music. In the 1970’s, musicians such as Waylon Jennings would play the Cowboy Bar and the entire town would be abuzz. The Pink Garter Theatre is bringing the tradition of floor shows and that excitement back to the town square.

The Pink Garter Theatre originated in 1959 by Paula Jeffries, a richly flamboyant woman described by one source as “the most beautiful ugly woman I’ve ever met in my life.” The theater was built to host Western-style plays to attract tourists during the summer, while community theater and events filled it the rest of the year. It lay dormant for ten years until a theater company started up there and ran for two years from 2007 to 2008.

Following its waning, and a couple short-term incarnations, the theater became home to Poppa Presents. The Pink Garter Theatre’s ownership, along with Dom Gagliardi of Poppa Presents, succeeded in getting a liquor license for the venue in June of 2010. Plans to create a classic cocktail lounge, The Rose, quickly followed. Finally, the Pink Garter Theatre has become the downtown live music venue that Jackson has been waiting for!

Venue Info

All shows are General Admission / standing room only. There is some seating in the back of the theater (first come, first served), and lots of standing room closer to the stage. For film viewing events, there is extra seating made available.


Our capacity at Pink Garter Theatre is 450.


If you are a band interested on playing Pink Garter Theatre, please contact

Advancing your Show

If you need to advance an upcoming show, contact Shows are to be advanced no less than 48 hours prior to show night.